Nicole & Koby's Country Club Wedding at Heritage Springs

“Are you comfortable climbing ladders?” was one of the qualifying questions we were asked by Nicolle and Koby on the day that they asked us to join their wedding day team.  And because we can never turn down an interesting challenge, we said, “Of course!”  Now you may be wondering why on earth we would be climbing industrial height ladders on a wedding day, and the answer is: How else would we get a group photo of Nicolle and Koby’s ENTIRE guest list at the end of their ceremony?!  This image was extremely important to our bride, because she had a a large part of her guests traveling all the way from her home land of Australia.

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Taken By Storms in Paradise

It takes a special kind of magic to make a long distance relationship work, but if all parties are equally committed, these relationships can go the distance.  And boy were we committed to our friends Sarah and Jon, who found us all the way from Ohio!  This couple was set on bringing family and friends from all over the country (and, indeed, from out of the country as well!) to share in their wedding celebrations at their oceanside ceremony in St Pete.  

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Anna & Brandon's Quest For The Divine "Save The Date Image"

As if it weren’t enough to gain our friends Britny and James through mutual connections, the tribe they come from includes a whole SLUE of more amazing individuals, and those individuals also happened to be in the market for the perfect photography duo to join their wedding team.  Enter: Anna and Brandon, another instant match for the McNeile Photography Family!  Anticipating more pages from the same great script, we were not disappointed when we got a chance to meet these two in person.

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Dania & David's Engagement Session In Lake Sumter

It was an unreasonably chilly, gusty, and wet March afternoon, so it was only fitting that Dania had a blanket wrapped around her bare shoulders when she and David first approached us.  Once we got down to the business of shooting, though, things heated up quick with a mixture of cozy and action-packed interactions, the liveliest of which were Dania and David’s spontaneous dance parties made possible by the live bands playing in the town square…

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The Faurote's Museum of Fine Arts Wedding

Every wedding holds sentimental value to us, but there is something extra emotional when we get to document the union of two dear friends.  When we were introduced to Britny and James by a mutual friend, we had a strong feeling that their wedding would be a very special addition to our photography portfolio; but we would learn very quickly what an important addition they would be to our lives as people!

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Christina & Nick's Crystal Ballroom Wedding!

“Should we take some time to discuss this?” he asked discretely.

“No,” said our bride.  “I want them.”

And with that, just halfway through our coffees, we were welcoming Cristina and Nick to the McNeile family!

A photographer herself, Cristina knew exactly what she was looking for in her ideal wedding photography team.  It is always an extra special honor to be appreciated and valued by a fellow creative!

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