Fancy Night With Sarah & Jon In Downtown St.Petersburg, Florida

When Sarah and Jon booked with us from out of state without so much as a phone consultation to get acquainted first, we had no idea just what a perfect fit we would all be for one another!  They scheduled their engagement session with us in the midst of a Florida vacation intended for venue and vendor scouting for their wedding, and we anxiously anticipated the opportunity to finally meet them in person.

We knew we would get along just fine when Sarah and Jon both assured us they were into whiskey: This instantly made them a winning couple in Arron’s book!  Sarah and Jon also informed us that one of their couple’s traditions was a regularly scheduled “Fancy Night”, which simply put, was a date night with super sophisticated attire.

So, we decided to treat our fancy, vacationing couple to a night on the St. Pete town where we could show them a few of the best spots to grab a quality whiskey cocktail and catch them in the act of having a fabulous Fancy Night together!  

Dressed in their finest evening attire, we first took our glamorous couple to Vinoy Park for some styled portraits beneath the blossoming pink archway.  We then accompanied them to The Canopy for some rooftop cocktails and golden hour lighting overlooking the bay.  They ordered drinks, laughed, and talked while we snuck some shots of their Fancy Night chemistry.  Last but not least, after some well-made drinks had us all loosened up and ready for even more fun, we completed our “tour” at Park and Rec where Sarah and Jon played some grown-up games that made for some fantastically fun candid captures.

We ended our session well into the evening hours, after we had all had plenty of time to chat, finally get to know each other face-to-face, and squeeze out some picturesque engagement photos along the way!  We all parted ways feeling more excited than ever for their April 2019 wedding, and Arron and I personally feeling so blessed to have had Sarah and Jon take a long-distance chance on us!