Christina & Nick's Crystal Ballroom Wedding!

“Should we take some time to discuss this?” he asked discretely.

“No,” said our bride.  “I want them.”

And with that, just halfway through our coffees, we were welcoming Cristina and Nick to the McNeile family!

A photographer herself, Cristina knew exactly what she was looking for in her ideal wedding photography team.  It is always an extra special honor to be appreciated and valued by a fellow creative!

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Hayley & Brandon's Engagement Session

There is a notion that young love is passionate yet fleeting; but this is not hard fact.  In some rare and beautiful cases, love is built with the legs to go the distance no matter what age it blossoms.  The connection that Hayley and Brandon share is proof of this.  Though they are both still in college, this couple is ready for the commitment it takes to secure their love for a lifetime!

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Arron McNeile
Katie & Jordons Sunken Garden Wedding

We clicked so naturally with our friends Katie and Jordon that you would have no idea that our first meeting was on their wedding day!  Reaching out all the way from Minnesota, our couple had a small, tropical destination ceremony in mind.  The botanical beauty of Sunken Gardens in St. Pete Florida just happened to fit the bill, and we were the perfect local photographers to get the festivities covered!

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John & Sarah's St.Pete Picnic Engagement Session

One of the most fun parts of wedding photography is getting to live out some serious wedding fantasies vicariously through your couple’s eyes time and time again.  When we sat down with Sarah and John to ask what their day would look like, we knew that all of our whimsical wedding day fantasies were DEFINTELY about to come true!

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Sandra & Garrett’s SOHO Engagement Session

We were so excited when Sandra and Garrett chose the scenery of SoHo in Tampa, Florida where all the magic of their courtship happened as the backdrop for their engagement portraits.  We love nothing more than to give your portraits as much sentimental value to them as possible; and nothing screams “sentimental” louder than the stoop of their old apartment complex and a couple of stools at World of Beer!

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