Denver Part 2

They say that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.  Well, add to that the ability to do that thing with the one you love, and you are truly living your life to the fullest.  That’s exactly what our Colorado trip represented to us:  The first of many opportunities to live our lives as photographers and partners with passion and adventure.


Denver was a particularly unique experience in the fact that it was our first out-of-state session as a business and as a couple.  Blessed with crisp, sunny weather for the majority of our visit, we devoted one full day to our newly engaged couple and saved the rest for exploring and capturing amazing landscapes and conceptual portraits of one another.

The first couple days of our stay were spent exploring the clean, buzzing urban streets of Downtown Denver and catching some spectacular sunsets at Lookout Mountain and Red Rocks, respectively.

Our last day was packed with two unexpected mini-road trips that were the perfect finale to an already awesome adventure:  With plenty of time to kill before our midnight flight home, we ventured into Downtown Boulder to window shop from hundreds of quaint boutiques.  Then, at the prompting of a local shop owner, we found ourselves driving into the heart of the mountains to see what the tiny mining town of Nederland had to offer.  Drifting in and out of view through a wintery fog, Nederland did not disappoint as we partook in a $2 ride on an ancient, hand-carved carousel.

Colorado was a gift in many ways, but the real gift we look forward to is returning in the fall of next year to relive the beauty and splendor of Denver while capturing our couple’s beautiful nuptials.