Downtown Tampa With Chelsea and Joshua

There’s nothing like young love.  But when that first love blossoms into the commitment to a lifelong partnership, that is a truly special and unique blessing.  This is the case for our beautiful young couple, Chelsea and Joshua.  High school sweethearts for eight years and counting, they have wasted no time in deciding to say “I do” and get down to the lifelong task of continuing as husband and wife.


Choosing downtown Tampa as our backdrop, our adorably dressed couple traipsed through the streets with us fighting an unusually brisk breeze.  But there was nothing chilly about their poses as they cuddled up in front of the camera for us.

Playfully dipping in front of the University of Tampa, then sipping coffee and hot chocolate at Caffeine Roasters to thaw out, each of Chelsea and Josh’s interactions were full of the spunk and joy of puppy love.  But their love has an old soul, and it is built to go the distance.  


We wrapped Chelsea and Josh’s session with one more romantic, classic dip in front of the old Tampa Theater, and the soft orange glow of the theater lights added the perfect ambiance to an otherwise gloomy day.  Between the warmth of this couple’s love and a much-needed coffee break, the chilly winter weather couldn’t keep us from getting some gorgeous shots to celebrate Chelsea and Josh’s engagement in downtown Tampa.

curtis hixon