Richy & Kelsey's Tampa Bay Engagement Session

When we explained to Richy and Kelsey over coffee that we always strive to form a friendship with our couples, this was exactly what they wanted to hear.  And sure enough, that wasn’t just a bunch of lip service on our part:  Our connection with this couple has blossomed into more than just a pleasant working relationship.  We all share a deep love of comedy and tacos, and the boys bond regularly over who can handle more sriracha slathered onto any and every meal.

We shot their engagement session throughout the streets of Downtown Tampa and wrapped things up at Curtis Hixon Park.  Now, it’s important to note that Richy and Kelsey had already had engagement photos captured some time ago.  But they understood the importance and value of using an engagement session with us as a chance to familiarize themselves with how we work as a team.   This helps set the stage for what to expect when your wedding day arrives!

Our journey through Tampa consisted mostly of laughing and exchanging anecdotes (as usual), with what felt like only a few brief pit stops for quick photo ops.  The evening flew by, and Richy and Kelsey are so perfectly matched that their interactions in front of the camera were effortlessly adorable.  A phenomenal sunset graced us as we finalized our time together overlooking The University of Tampa.  What would appear to be some serene portraits of an in-love couple enjoying the evening by the riverside was actually an epic battle to get Richy to overcome his strong aversion to heights.  This added a dual element of drama and humor to this final portion of their session.  I think even Richy would agree: Totally worth it…!

Spending another evening with Richy and Kelsey was as fun as ever, only this time we walked away with beautiful images to remember our time together by.  We absolutely cannot wait to capture their chemistry again on their wedding day in February of 2019!

Arron McNeileComment