Lights, Camera, Jacksons!

It all started with an honest declaration: “I like your face.”  And the story that unraveled from there goes on record as the playful, unique romance of Terelle and LaChambra Jackson.  A hard-working cop with a quirky habit of spontaneous face-licking, it was love at first sight when Terelle met the beautiful, charismatic sorority sister LaChambra in a CVS parking lot.  Since then the two not only blossomed together as a couple but quickly built strong bonds as a family by seamlessly incorporating Terelle’s young son into the mix.

Hosted at the brand new wedding venue of the Crystal Ballroom in Tampa, Florida, Terelle and LaChambra’s vision for their special day was one of elegance and sophistication.  With soft purple up-lighting and sparkling crystal accents incorporated in the centerpieces to compliment the grand chandeliers throughout the venue, it was not difficult to bring their vision to life.  Even LaChambra’s gown by Truly Forever Bridal located in Tampa, Florida celebrated the theme of formal glitz and glamour with exquisite crystal beadwork draping across the open-backed design.

Mindful of the potential rush and chaos of a typical wedding day, Terelle and LaChambra opted for a relaxed, stylized day-after session to capture their couple’s portraits as husband and wife.  To keep with the theme of lush foliage and structural grandeur that had defined their wedding, Terelle and LaChambra chose Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, Florida as the location for their session.  With none of the excited flutter of friends or family to compete with, we were able to enjoy our time with our newlywed couple in an easy-going, casual afternoon full of romantic, dramatic photo opportunities throughout the garden’s grounds.

A radiant example of powerful unity through faith and family, the only thing this cop and his radiant wife are guilty of is excessive perfection. 

Arron McNeile