Casey & Jordan's Coffee Fueled Engagement Session

Our first meeting with Jordan and Casey took place at a small hipster café called Concord Coffee in Lakeland, and it was pretty much “friends at first sight” status.  As if their mutual love of cats and coffee wasn’t enough to sell us on them, Jordan and Casey also just so happen to have amazing personalities that made the vote unanimous:  They are without a doubt what we look for in a McNeile Couple, and we had all the spunk and experience to fit their mold of the perfect photographers for their engagement session and wedding day.

The icing on our relationship cake with this couple was that they were vocal about their whole-hearted trust in our vision as artists.  So when our engagement session plans were stirred up with small location-malfunctions and having to dance around an impending downpour, Jordan and Casey never once doubted our abilities to “make it work”.  And boy, did their faith in us pay off big time with some absolutely gorgeous engagement portraits!

We started by getting our couple cozy and acquainted in the various bench seating provided by Revival cocktail and coffee bar in Lakeland.  We had to sub in some whiskey drinks in place of coffee at this location, but this hardly left anyone disappointed.  The drinks loosened everyone up and prepared us for a brisk walk through the alleyways as we avoided the brewing storm and ducked into Black & Brewed that could provide coffee.  After we had all gotten our caffeine fix, we made our final trek to the outskirts of Hollis Garden.  An umbrella became the perfect prop as we worked around a slight drizzle along the water’s edge, and Jordan and Casey taking shelter beneath the bridge’s archways made for the sweetest poses.

This engagement session was full of most of our favorite things: nerding out over favorite fantasy films, coffee, and beautifully intimate moments to capture between two perfectly paired souls.  Jordan and Casey’s engagement portraits are just a taste of the rich and moody romance that awaits us all on their wedding day next year!