Krystal & Beau's Vintage Themed Engagement Session In Old Town!

Krystal and Beau’s ‘50’s themed engagement session brought a whole new meaning to the phrase “Love is timeless”!  Honoring the planned theme of their 2019 wedding, Krystal and Beau brought the classic style and romance of a simpler time to their session, and the storefronts of Old Town Kissimmee could not have been a better fit!  

Dressed as stylishly as two bright-eyed film stars, this couple totally rocked their portraits by stepping fearlessly into character with impeccable wardrobe and era-friendly props like a couple of Classic Coca-Cola bottles and an old-school lunch box.  As Krystal and Beau strolled the streets of Old Town like two love-struck school kids, we could have sworn we were capturing behind the scenes of some up and coming romance novel-turned-movie!

The timeless date-night vibe of their session made for such effortless joy and flirtatious energy throughout our evening together, so it’s no wonder that their gallery gives us all the feel-good shivers of die-hard, legendary love stories.  This couple’s beautiful chemistry in their portraits fully support the notion that:  Not only is good ol’ fashion courtship alive and well, it’ll get you the girl of your dreams in the end!

We had so much fun stepping back in time in order to photograph Krystal and Beau’s love, and we are more than ready to do it again for their wedding at the shuffle board club next year!