Charissa & Dylan's USF Engagement Session

One of our missions as your photographers is to ensure that the locations we choose for your engagement session hold some significance to you and your fiancé, so that your portraits are more than just lovely photographs:  They are tangible memories that evoke the nostalgic feelings of new love, promises made, and excited talk of the future.  Whether it be a lush park that represents your customary picnic dates, an upscale bar scene that calls to mind Fancy Date Night, or the industrial alleys of a downtown area that speak to your edgy, artistic souls, we want your shoot location to tell as big a story as your love does.

So when Charissa and Dylan explained to us how their love had blossomed on the grounds of USF in Tampa,Florida. It was clear that there was no choice more perfect as the backdrop for their engagement portraits!  As we spent the brisk evening strolling through the campus, our happy couple also led the way down memory lane.  It was a special honor to be invited into the space of their shared memories, and the spirit of young love was strong as Charissa and Dylan laughed and cozied up all throughout their old stomping grounds.


With a sprawling campus full of carefully landscaped greenery, blossoming trellises, and unique architectural features, there was no shortage of places to choose from as a picturesque backdrop for our couple.  Just as we thought we had exhausted all locations, a spectacular sunset began unfolding.  Naturally, we couldn’t let the moment pass us by; so we rushed to a nearby rooftop to capture the evening’s final bursts of light.

Charissa and Dylan are an amazing couple, and spending the evening with them laughing, trading stories, and understanding their love was a Golden Hour well-spent!  Our time together breezed by, and it’s safe to say that it left us all so very eager to do it all again on their wedding day in March!