John & Sarah's St.Pete Picnic Engagement Session

One of the most fun parts of wedding photography is getting to live out some serious wedding fantasies vicariously through your couple’s eyes time and time again.  When we sat down with Sarah and John to ask what their day would look like, we knew that all of our whimsical wedding day fantasies were DEFINTELY about to come true!

Sarah and John shared with us their love of picnicking and books and explained that these elements would play a big role in their wedding day décor; so, it was only fitting that we tied in some of these details for their engagement portraits.


We began their session nestled beneath the banyan trees of Straub Park in St. Pete, capturing Sarah and John cozied up beside their personal date-day picnic basket.  From the moment we started shooting, it was clear to see not only that the bond between this couple was a strong one, but one reinforced with a shared love of laughing and lightheartedness.  Our couple giggled and interacted freely and naturally for us, and they also shared with us one of the other special rituals that go into their picnic dates:  A “Conversation Starter” Jar.  This jar contains hand-written topics that both Sarah and John have put together, and it was in this jar that John included the question, “Will you marry me?”

We then spent some time strolling around the grounds of the Museum of Fine Arts, and ended with some piggy-back-riding fun beneath the Straub Park floral canopies.  Sarah and John’s bond is truly what storybook romances are made of, and we can’t wait to capture the next part of their fairytale on their wedding day in November!

Arron McNeileComment