Christina & Nick's Crystal Ballroom Wedding!

“Should we take some time to discuss this?” he asked discretely.

“No,” said our bride.  “I want them.”

And with that, just halfway through our coffees, we were welcoming Cristina and Nick to the McNeile family!

A photographer herself, Cristina knew exactly what she was looking for in her ideal wedding photography team.  It is always an extra special honor to be appreciated and valued by a fellow creative!


Cristina and Nick had a fairly small and simple wedding day in mind for themselves, but this did not mean that every detail was not meticulously planned and executed.  Their day was hosted by The Crystal Ballroom of Tampa, and the clean yet elegant space was a perfect fit for our couple’s vision.

Cristina channeled some strong, timeless glamour vibes with a bold red lip and a classically cut gown in the most perfect shade of soft ivory (or, as they call it in the biz, “oyster”).  She looked like an absolute movie star- princess hybrid as the finishing touch of a cathedral veil crowned her head and cascaded to the floor.

Nick greeted her at the altar in a powder pink suit jacket, bringing his own quirky and retro flare to their wardrobe choices.  Hints of blush and rose gold created a soft and classic feel throughout the reception space, and a candy station added a fun, modern twist.  The newlyweds closed out their afternoon reception with an adorable origami swan Send-off (only the images can fully paint this adorable picture for you!).

But before escaping off in their getaway limo, we stole a few more minutes of their time for some Just Married portraits in front of the Crystal Ballroom’s green outdoor photo wall.  They rocked out a few quirky, playful, and editorial-inspired poses for us, and then they were off!

Cristina and Nick have such lovely, laid back spirits, and we loved capturing every small, personal detail of their day! We wish them so many years of quirky, spunky love together!