Happily Ever After, and After with The Fretts! ( The Frett's Wedding)

Our relationship with Doshenae and Jaron was another that was dictated by the constraints of long distance.  In fact, our first interaction with Jaron was via screen as he joined our initial consultation with his fiancé Dosh via FaceTime!  Jaron was diligently attending medical school outside of the States during the majority of the wedding planning process, which meant we were going to have to get creative with the use of their allotted engagement session time.  Despite the distance, Jaron showed his fiancé as much support as he could by insisting to be looped in on all decision-making emails and other small details throughout the months leading up to their big day.


As luck would have it, Dosh and Jaron’s wedding venue at the Crystal Ballroom Tampa was not ideal for their visions of outdoor photo opportunities, so a Day After Session became the perfect substitute for the engagement session they were otherwise forfeiting due to Jaron’s temporary absence.  Not only were we super excited to have this private time carved out for our couple, but it also relaxed the pacing of their wedding day when it came to scheduling the photo opportunities!

We met the bride and groom at the hotel down the street from their venue on the day of their wedding in order to snap a few preparation shots, then we moved the party over to the Crystal Ballroom for the finishing touches of Dosh stepping into her gown Jaron and his guys pinning boutonnieres.

The ceremony started off with a bang as Jaron virtually danced his way down the aisle into position at the front of the altar, where one of the most stylish officiants awaited him wearing sparkling stiletto heels!  Seeing as we had missed out on really getting to know him in person, this moment had us smiling ear to ear behind our cameras and gave us an instant sense of the kind of man we would be interacting with for the rest of the evening.  Dosh absolutely stole the show and brought tears to her groom’s eyes as he beheld her for the first time in a fitted gown with a floor-sweeping veil.


Since Just Married portraits were scheduled for the following day we kept Family and Wedding Party formals fast and fun, allowing our young and blissful couple to enjoy cocktail hour with their guests.

The reception festivities continued to blow us away as we were surrounded by yet another amazing crowd who all had a love for rhythm and music coursing through their veins.  This gathering knew how to throw a party— a DANCE party, to be specific!  Vibrant elements of Caribbean tradition flared throughout the night, and all the bright, jubilant sides of our bride, groom, and their family showed themselves in the most excitingly unexpected ways during their festivities.  Emotional and moving speeches by several family members reminded us all that this intelligent, perfectly-paired couple were both wise and poised beyond their years; but this moment of reverence only provided a beautiful balance to the otherwise lighthearted celebrations.

The night ended with one of our most epic Sparkler Exits to date as the newly weds shared a romantic final kiss before ducking into a vintage Rolls Royce getaway car for the night!


We rendezvoused the next evening with our newly married couple decked out in their wedding attire to take our time getting creative and making some magic portraits for them to remember their day by!  Even though they are rare, Day After Sessions have a special place in our hearts, and each one we do has us wishing that more couples would consider portrait sessions AFTER their wedding in order to truly enjoy their time together away from the pressures and time constraints of a standard wedding day.  Don’t get us wrong: It’s so important to photograph you ON your day, as it’s a once in a lifetime moment.  But, Dosh and Jaron’s portraits are a quintessential testament that the Just Married glow lives on in these images regardless of the day they were taken!


We had a phenomenal time getting to know this couple through the unique and special moments they chose to sprinkle throughout their wedding day.  We wish them so much happiness, love, and soulful dance parties in their years of marriage to come!