The Young Love of Hayley & Brandon's Wedding

When Hayley showed me sneak peek photos of her gown so many months ago, I exclaimed, “Oh my Gosh, you’ll look like Cinderella!” 

And no truer words have ever been spoken.


Sweet as can be with a relationship rooted deep in a shared love of Christ, Hayley and Brandon’s love story is one of the most pure we’ve experienced.  Some may attribute it to the innocence of youth, which is really only a small part of it.  The bigger picture is that these two have stuck to the fundamentals of true love, and neither time nor age will change it:  Friendship, trust, and an unwavering faith in the Lord.

We knew to expect an abundance of joy and playfulness on our couple’s big day, because their engagement session prepared us for this (visit their engagement here: )!  We were not disappointed!

The morning started off with choreographed dancing and silly selfies for Hayley and her ladies, while Brandon and his guys got creative with their group shots and decided to style themselves in preparation for a potential Boy Band album cover!  Hayley’s girls and her mother were all smiles most of the morning, but things turned powerful when Hayley took a private moment to re-read her vows aloud to a couple of her bridesmaids.  I joined and discretely documented the moment, and Hayley’s voice carried cleanly over the silence in the room as we all shed a few tears.  Watching Hayley step into her gown was the “WOW” factor of the morning, and her bridesmaids and father confirmed this with their reactions during their First Look opportunities.


A couple hours before their ceremony we found a shady green corner by the water’s edge beside their reception hall to create the perfect backdrop for Hayley and Brandon’s First Look.  This moment was everything as these two absolutely lit up at the sight of each other.  They embraced, laughed, and for a few minutes we as the photographers did not exist.  After they had thoroughly enjoyed some privacy and soaked in the happiness of seeing one another, it was time to knock out wedding party AND family formals all before their ceremony.  This was an excellent way not only to free up time after the ceremony for all to enjoy cocktail hour, but it also gave us the chance to leverage more, uninterrupted time for Hayley and Brandon’s Just Married portraits later in the evening.

Their ceremony was held in the same church where Hayley’s parents had exchanged vows years ago, and this couple’s vows rang out with the same power and reverence that guaranteed them many years of strong unity as well.


When Golden Hour finally approached about an hour into the reception, we discretely stole our newly weds away for some private portraits on the beach.  We couldn’t help but stop briefly by the church once again for a handful of shots since it was on our way, and these quick and spontaneous moments yielded some of the best portraits of the night.  Hayley and Brandon made absolute magic on the beach as we channelled ALL the Cinderella vibes with one chivalrous “May I Have This Dance?” Pose, along with several amazing images featuring Hayley’s breathtaking cathedral veil.  This couple’s love for one another flowed so naturally that all we really had to do was show up to document it.  The rest unfolded like a photographer’s dream day before our eyes!

We loved every minute of Hayley and Brandon’s day, and we hope to celebrate other big milestones alongside them over the many, many years of growing love, family, and faith together!

Venue - Chapel by the Sea

Dress - Allure from Lily’s Bridal Orlando

Hair and Makeup - Elegant Brides

Food - Delectables Catering

DJ - Press Play Sounds