Bianca & Sagar's Engagement session

We always encourage our couples to pick locations with meaning and to incorporate personal elements for their engagement sessions, and Bianca and Sagar took this advice to heart 100%. They chose Bianca's family home as their first location where they could include their horse AND their dog. Not only did this make for a fun, unpredictable evening, but their portraits now hold so much meaning and sentimental value for them!

Bianca is a good friend and past client of ours, so the news of her engagement had us so excited!  It was even more exciting and humbling when she chose McNeile Photography as the right fit for her and Sagar’s big day.

When we arrived at the first location of Bianca’s family home, we were thrilled to see a large expanse of luscious greenery surrounding us; but the scenery was soon the least of our concerns as we entered the barn to meet Jazz the horse for the first time.  An older and sweet-natured girl, she was a great sport as we bribed her with treats in order to nail our desired shots.  This casual yet romantic look incorporating Jazz into the mix presented us with the opportunity to get really creative with posing.  It also didn’t hurt that Bianca had prepared the most thorough mood board we had ever seen, which gave us a very clear vision and direction for the shoot!


Before heading off to our second location on the beach, we managed to snap a few “family portraits” of Bianca and Sagar with their puppy Tasha who generously sat still for a full 5 minutes for us!

Our beach plans turned into quite the excursion as we dodged storm clouds and evaded beach patrol who was looking to clear the area much earlier than we anticipated.  This portion of the session was the definition of a whirlwind adventure as we knocked out some sweet walking moments and an exciting champagne toast all in under 20 minutes!  Although the second half of their session was a full-on “run and gun” situation, these two were such good sports and just thrived off of the fast-paced momentum!

Bianca and Sagar are such a sweet, easy-going and fun-loving couple.  We enjoyed this engagement session immensely, and it is just a taste of the excitement and love we can expect to document for their wedding in January of 2020!

Arron McNeile