Anna & Brandon's Quest For The Divine "Save The Date Image"

As if it weren’t enough to gain our friends Britny and James through mutual connections, the tribe they come from includes a whole SLUE of more amazing individuals, and those individuals also happened to be in the market for the perfect photography duo to join their wedding team.  Enter: Anna and Brandon, another instant match for the McNeile Photography Family!  Anticipating more pages from the same great script, we were not disappointed when we got a chance to meet these two in person.

Anna and Brandon chose the downtown cityscapes of Tampa as their engagement portrait location, which will later create an amazing flow into their wedding portraits when they wed next year in the Rialto Theater.

“You’ll be lucky to get one normal shot of us,” Anna warned us as we planned for their session.  Two natural goof-balls, Anna and Brandon thrive off of a collective fun, theatrical energy that keeps things lively and interesting!  We assured them that their idea of normal and ours were about to coincide in the loveliest way to tell their personal story.  It’s safe to say that the funky fusion of playful and genuine came together for the most breathtaking gallery on that semi-stormy afternoon.


Anna and Brandon stayed true to themselves throughout our time together, and this is exactly what lets your colors as a couple shine brightest in your portraits:  Just come as you are, and we are there to project it through our lens (pun intended)!

We had such a blast with our newly engaged friends, and the confusing weather signals nevertheless gifted us with a phenomenally dramatic sky as we concluded their portraits overlooking the University of Tampa.

We love these guys and the family that keeps growing all thanks to just one connection so long ago.  We cannot WAIT to document the whole gamut of emotions— from hilarious to romantic— on Anna and Brandon’s big day next year!