Atlanta, Georgia Engagement Session With Jamie & David

Call it coincidence, or call it fate; either way, our phone consultation with Jamie and David could not have happened at a more serendipitous time.  Reaching out from Atlanta, Georgia, this couple found us just in time to snag an engagement session slot with us during our weeklong getaway to Atlanta.

“Are you sure you’re okay with working during your vacation?” they had asked as we secured plans to capture their portraits.  We laughed and assured them that nothing would make us happier!  And so it was decided:  Our Atlanta couple could have their cake and eat it too!  They could have their wedding photographers show up in their own backyard for their engagement session AND join us on our home turf for their St Pete destination wedding.


Meeting Jamie and David in the heart of downtown Atlanta hardly felt like our first time getting together:  Their combined lighthearted and open spirits invited us in immediately, and before we knew it we were four friends exploring some of the most iconic parts of the city.  Accepting the duty of being our personal tour guides in an unfamiliar location, Jamie and David graciously led us from location to location.  This involved relying on a form of transportation that checked another “first” off of our list: Motorized scooters.  Not only did this make for a super trendy and convenient way to get around, but it also added some impromptu playful opportunities for a few action-shots along the way.

Along with scooters and murals, we added popsicles into the mix to round out the super fun, playful element to their first, casual outfit choice.


After an eventful ride from our first park location down the Beltline, it was time for a wardrobe change to create a classy date night vibe for our second location. Seeking out the most iconic backdrops, we chose Ponce City Market for Jamie and David’s second look.  They danced and strolled beneath the giant, unmistakable market signs, and before we knew it our Atlanta engagement adventure was a wrap!

Not only was it a pleasure to be able to meet Jamie and David face to face so soon after adding them to the McNeile Family, but it was an unexpected blessing to be able to share their engagement session with them as well; an opportunity that may not have been possible without that perfectly timed first phone call…!

Written By- Chanel Fernandez