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The Coffee Loving Whalen's Wedding! (Casey & Jordan's Wedding at Venue 650)

After a year of not-so-patiently waiting, it was hard for all of us to believe that the day had finally come:  Our coffee-loving, cat-worshipping love bugs were FINALLY tying the knot (literally, as you will see shortly).  Casey and Jordan were a blessing in our lives from the day we met them, and their unwavering faith in our artistic vision made their wedding day like a blank canvas for us to truly paint a masterpiece on!

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LaMecha & Greg's Wedding at The Tampa Bay Firefighters Museum

The beauty of your wedding day is in the opportunity to make it YOURS.  And that’s exactly what Lamecha and Greg chose to do with their marriage celebration.  Hosting their wedding at the Fire Fighter’s Museum in Tampa, there was no more perfect venue to commemorate their shared passion for their career choice, which is one of the unique strengths of their bond.

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Mike & Barbara's Tarpon Springs Crescent Oaks Country Club Wedding

When we first met Mike and Barbara we had no doubt that the four of us would get along just fine.  Both with Northern upbringings, their quick wits and appreciation of lighthearted sarcasm was instantly a perfect match for our fun-loving, easy-going style.  We were prepared from the start for a couple that was going to prioritize an element of playfulness throughout their wedding day.  So when Barbara shared her visions for playful group shots and Mike chimed in with thoughts for fishing poles as props, we were totally on board.  

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