A Wedding In Paradise (Christina & Joseph's Paradise Cove Wedding)

The universe has a funny way of tying your past into your present every now and then, and I was so thrilled when it saw fit to reunite me with a high school girlfriend.  Christina reached out to me after stumbling across McNeile Photography’s profile on The Knot.  Without realizing I was part of the team, Christina was already attracted to our style and vibes; when further digging revealed my name, she reached out immediately!  Her private message led to catching up on life, marveling at how small the world can seem, and eventually setting a date to reconnect in person and discuss her and Joseph’s wedding day vision.

Immediately upon reconnecting and meeting Joseph (and Christina’s son, Noah) for the first time, we knew that this couple and their love was the right fit for the McNeile family.  They had such a calm, laid back yet open energy, and from the moment Christina mentioned phrases like “palm fronds” and “lots of greens” mixed with a waterfront venue, we were SOLD on wanting to be able to document such a beautiful day!

Between attending school and working extremely demanding careers, Christina and Joseph’s time was so precious and limited that our big plans of hanging out on a regular basis leading up to their wedding day never came to fruition.  But, despite the chaos of their busy schedules, they ALWAYS reached out to us in the most crucial of times to offer support, condolences, and heartfelt words of sentiment when Arron and I needed it most.  For this, we value them dearly as friends.


Their much-anticipated day finally arrived with beautifully clear skies and an abundance of stunning greenery, as promised!  Christina greeted us warmly upon our arrival and offered us Chick Fil A before we could even think about getting to work!  She and her ladies, along with her mother, got ready in a spacious guest-house-sized space right on site at Paradise Cove.  The women all appeared relaxed, excited, and ready to help Christina celebrate her union with Joseph.  Meanwhile, Joseph and his guys were living it up in a penthouse suite nearby, preparing themselves for the rest of the day’s adventures!

Once the bride had stepped into her gown, assisted by her matron of honor and mother, she was ready to see her son and her groom dressed to impress before their walk down the aisle!

Up first was sweet, camera-loving Noah, who took direction like a champ and looked like the perfect gentleman awaiting his momma in a full suit (sans dress shoes, because ICK!, too uncomfortable!).  Mother and son shared some sweet snuggles, and then it was time for Christina to see her groom.  Christina’s stunning appearance was met with a few tears of joy shed by Joseph, but it wasn’t long after the emotional First Look that the two were giggling and having a blast throughout their first round of portraits.  We continued the fun and laughter into their group wedding party portraits, and taking care of ALL of these photos before the ceremony really freed up our time to focus ONLY on our couple and their family later in the day.

The ceremony was beautifully located overlooking a green oasis backed by waterfront views, and the guys made a splash of an entrance by rolling up via speedboat to take their places at the altar!  Christina and Joseph exchanged matching vows with one another, and Joseph shared touching words with his new son, Noah, about how proud and excited he was to build a family together. 


The rest of the evening’s celebrations were like a night from a fairytale:  A big, bright moon glowing through the night clouds; a bonfire on the beach while guests laughed, drank, and danced around it; a phenomenal playlist cranking throughout the open air… And all of this concluded with a speedboat getaway beneath colorful glow sticks! 

Celebrating this day with Christina and Joseph was everything we hoped it would be, but the love that they and their family brought to the table really pushed it over the top for us!  We are so grateful for the quirks of this small world that reunited us with Christina, and we know without a doubt that a beautiful life awaits this instant family of three!  Congratulations to Christina, Joseph, and Noah on this fresh leg of your journey together!