Denver, Colorado Engagement Session

Every love story is unique, but more and more modern day romances are sharing a similar beginning:  Today's technology-driven society has increased accessibility to many previously precious resources in this world, and love is no exception.  Lisa and Logan met like so many millennials do: They connected online, and they've been inseparable ever since.  Just shy of six months into their courtship, Logan proposed to Lisa the way any decent southern gentleman would ask for a sweet southern belle's hand... in the middle of a packed rodeo stadium!  

Lisa&Logan- 1.jpg

The strong silent type, Logan looms over Lisa at well over 6 feet tall.  But what Lisa lacks in height she makes up for in spunk and sarcasm.  

"I swear I love him," she kept reminding us with a devilish smile all throughout our afternoon together, usually right after playfully poking fun at something Logan said or did.  The couple admitted their relationship is strongly based around lighthearted antics and joking, but make no mistake their passion for one another is serious.

We spent the day capturing Lisa and Logan's engagement images by first exploring downtown Denver, then revisiting the park that set the stage for their first date, and finally catching a brilliant sunset atop Lookout Mountain.  It was a true pleasure sharing a perfectly crisp fall day with these dear friends and beautiful couple.  We were privileged to memorialize the joyous celebration of their engagement, and we are even more honored by the opportunity to return for their marriage ceremony in the fall of 2018.