Hayley & Brandon's Engagement Session

There is a notion that young love is passionate yet fleeting; but this is not hard fact.  In some rare and beautiful cases, love is built with the legs to go the distance no matter what age it blossoms.  The connection that Hayley and Brandon share is proof of this.  Though they are both still in college, this couple is ready for the commitment it takes to secure their love for a lifetime!

Our couple was looking for a bit of greenery mixed with some urban flare for their engagement portraits, so we chose the outskirts of Sunken Gardens as our first location.  The bright blossoms crowning the red brick side road created the perfect juxtaposition of elegance and grit as our couple strolled and laughed side by side in their formal date night attire.


Our next stop was Straub Park in Downtown St. Pete where the sprawling green fields beside a waterfront view created another dynamic blend of backdrops for their second wardrobe look.  A slightly overcast sky added some drama to the scene, but the mood was quickly lightened by their final wardrobe choice.

Hayley and Brandon opted to bust out some one-of-a-kind vintage paraphernalia that their family had been coveting of the two of them:  A complimentary white tee and sweatshirt that sported baby photos of each of them!  This was such a fun and quirky addition to their images that also created such a precious nod to the beauty of the past merging with their present.

Hayley and Brandon’s energy together is contagiously playful, but their love for one another is as serious as it gets.  We absolutely can’t wait to be a part of their wedding day later this year, when they will exchange vows in the same church that Hayley’s parents did years ago.  

Arron McNeile