Jena & David's Downtown Tampa Engagement Session

When Jena and David arrived on the scene in downtown Tampa for their engagement session, it was clear by our first sight of them that they had done their “Engagement Session Prep” homework.  Looking ready for a swanky night out on the town, this couple’s wardrobe had Picture Perfect written all over it!

We warmed Jena and David up with some simple and quiet walking shots that took place right on the sidewalk beside where we all parked our cars, which just happened to be perfectly shaded and lined with some amazing wall flowers.  It was a spot we hadn’t intended to use, but these unexpected locations often make for the most unique portraits!

McNeile_Photography_Tampa (2).jpg

On a mission to continue on a streak of unique nooks throughout the Downtown area, we still paid visits to some classic favorites (such as the Tampa Theater and trademark Tampa mural), while throwing in a healthy mix of fresh murals, buildings, and even an amazing wall overgrown with dried vines that had caught our eye multiple times in passing.

No matter where we ventured, Jena and David were more than willing and able to experiment right along with us; plus, they did it in style!  

McNeile_Photography_Tampa (19).jpg

We had so much fun exploring overlooked territory in one of our most frequented locations, and what made it more fun was getting to know our couple better for the first time in person.  While we had a successful FaceTime consultation that resulted in adding Jena and David to our McNeile Photography family, it was nevertheless a pleasure to solidify our relationship with some face-to-face adventures!  We are so happy to have them on our already-growing lineup of highly anticipated weddings for March of next year!