The Happiest Place On Earth With Sarah & Miguel ( Engagement Session)

When Sarah approached us with a beaming smile and sporting a Beauty and the Beast themed brooch, I knew she was Our People.  Her fiancé Miguel followed closely behind with bright and friendly greetings, and our first coffee date with with these two was just like a gathering with old friends from the start.

Losing all semblance of a “business meeting”, the four of us chatted and dug right into the meat of getting to know each other on a personal level.  Their warm and open demeanors made them easy to open up to in return.

By the end of our coffee date we were already discussing the magic idea of capturing their engagement portraits at Disney World…and let’s just say our dreams came true when this plan became a reality!


With a naturally vintage flare to her style, Sarah was right at home in Hollywood Studios as she and Miguel sported ’50’s inspired looks for their first wardrobe choice.  With romantic dips and chivalrous gestures, our posing suggestions for them brought the theme full-circle.  Since the sun was still high for the first portion of the day, we really pushed ourselves to chase pockets of shade and get creative with our location choices.  Sarah and Miguel trusted us whole-heartedly to guide them through the sweltering heat and keep things easy-breezy; but make no mistake, Sarah was the actual tour guide since she knew the parks like the back of her Cinderella-blue manicured hand!

Sarah saved her sassiest look for second, where vintage glam and a full-on love of The Mouse collided as we made our way to Magic Kingdom.  These two were the definition of adorable as they cuddled beneath the castle, frolicked among bubbles in Golden Hour light, and strolled the streets of a faraway city draped with lanterns.  To top it all off, Sarah and Miguel’s portraits seem to have this “Only People On Earth” feel, even though we were swimming through crowds as thick as any other Disney Day; their images, along with their bond, transcend such mundane trappings such as space and time.


Aside from Sarah’s exquisite taste in fashion, Sarah and Miguel were the stars of their own fairytale the whole afternoon, letting loose and trusting us every step of the way to navigate rapid changes in light and weather.  We ended the evening drenched in rain, yet triumphantly enjoying a few moments of fire works before making our soggy way out of the park. 

Sarah and Miguel walked into our lives as friends first, and spirits like theirs are what make us love what we do:  Relationships will always be the foundation of our business.  That way, we never work a day in our lives; instead, we live all of your best moments as friends and partners by your side.