Arron & Chanel 

In 2016 it was a shared love of photography that brought us together, but over the past year and a half that’s just a small part of what has kept us together.  Our absolute favorite thing to do with our free time is to embark on unplanned adventures, whether it’s a spontaneous roadtrip out of state or a stroll down the road to that weekend’s indie market.  Make no mistake, even our free time is full of taking advantage of photo-ops and developing our craft!  We love to travel, but the treasures hidden in our own back yard are just as important to us; especially the opportunity to support local business and community.  Our unique superpower is the ability to truly connect with our couples and make them feel at ease:  We have the perfect balance of classy, feminine touch and fun, clean, masculine style.  This balance helps us build strong relationships with our couples that reflect a natural, comfortable presence each time we get them in front of the camera.  We never turn down a chance to “grab a coffee and chat”, and we have yet to meet a taco we didn’t like!

best of wedding