What happens when a laid-back, charismatic guy with a journalistic style meets a creative fashionista with an eye for detail? You get your Ideal Photography Duo!

Lead Photographer

Hi, I’m Arron! I was born in Orlando, but grew up in the Tampa Bay Area.

Even as a young kid, I had a craving to become a photographer. My dad and my aunt were both deep into cameras and photography, my aunt even had the opportunity to photograph & interview the Dali lama!

Since I started my photography journey in 2014 and began photographing amazing couples, I have never thought of turning back. Besides chasing the perfect moment with our couples, I have an extreme addiction to tacos, BBQ, and coffee. I’ve always had a knack for making everyone laugh and feel at ease around me, like we’ve been friends for life, and I like to think that’s one of the reasons my lovely lady fell in love with me.


second shooter | behind the scenes boss babe

I’m a Jersey girl transplant with a little extra sass, thanks to my Cuban roots. My first love was story telling, which I explored regularly as a child by inventing my own storylines for my children’s books before I could read.  This evolved into a love of drawing graphics to go with those stories. 

Photography was a natural extension of this passion as I sought different ways to capture smaller yet more powerful narratives told in people’s expressions. Photographing people fascinated me, and while I tried my hand at landscape and nature photography, nothing compared to the rush of emotion I got from capturing a person’s story in their eyes; in the way that they chose to smile (or not) for me. 

I’m a shameless lover of all things fantastical, I became a cat lady without fully understanding how, and I can always be counted on to spearhead an impromptu dance party.



 We had been meeting by chance for months at several photography-related events long before we actually planned our first “non-date date” (Please see Arron for more details on this reference!).  Finally, a little over a year ago, we collaborated on a joint project with a mutual friend, and it was over a cocktail and some chicken wings that the sparks began to fly.  From then on we have been inseparable, supporting each other’s growth and strengthening our own love with our ever-expanding passion for wedding and couple’s photography.

Our unique superpower is the ability to truly connect with our couples and make them feel at ease:  We have the perfect balance of classy, feminine touch and fun, clean, masculine style.  This balance helps us build strong relationships with our couples that reflect a natural, comfortable presence each time we get them in front of the camera. An added bonus to having a feminine touch on the team is our bride’s feel at ease stepping in front of the camera for a fun, exclusive boudoir experience with a woman whom they’ve already had a chance to build a friendship with.  A bridal boudoir session is just another excuse to hang out and catch some amazing, personal portraits to pass on to your soon-to-be husband.  And grooms, don’t be afraid to ask about a personalized “dudeoir” session to flip the script on your ladies!

We never turn down a chance to “grab a coffee and chat”, and we have yet to meet a taco we didn’t like!

When we're not busy doing the number one thing on our Favorites List (capturing gorgeous weddings, of course!), we can be found checking off a few of our other favorite things in our down time.  This includes, but is not limited to: Hunting treasures at the Indie Flea in Tampa, Taco-scouting in St. Pete, or planning our next excursion to another Bucket List location.

 Make no mistake, even our free time is full of taking advantage of photo-ops and developing our craft!  We love to travel, but the treasures hidden in our own back yard are just as important to us; especially the opportunity to support local business and community. 

We also enjoy exploring other genres of photography.  For Arron it’s a knack for food and product details, as well as cinematic portraiture.  And as for me, my heart lies with women’s fine art and boudoir portraiture.


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