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Sandra & Garrett’s SOHO Engagement Session

We were so excited when Sandra and Garrett chose the scenery of SoHo in Tampa, Florida where all the magic of their courtship happened as the backdrop for their engagement portraits.  We love nothing more than to give your portraits as much sentimental value to them as possible; and nothing screams “sentimental” louder than the stoop of their old apartment complex and a couple of stools at World of Beer!

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Yessy & Greg’s Adventurous Tampa Engagement Session

Halfway through our first meeting with Yessy and Greg, it was clear that they had no doubts about us as their wedding photographers— and the feeling was SO mutual!  This couple was referred to us by our favorite wedding planner Taylor Falcon Events, so we all had strong feelings before our formal coffee date that we would all be a great match for each other.  Sure enough, we were inviting them into the McNeile couples’ family and planning their engagement session by the end of our first latte!

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Casey & Jordan's Coffee Fueled Engagement Session

Our first meeting with Jordan and Casey took place at a small hipster café called Concord Coffee in Lakeland, and it was pretty much “friends at first sight” status.  As if their mutual love of cats and coffee wasn’t enough to sell us on them, Jordan and Casey also just so happen to have amazing personalities that made the vote unanimous….

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